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Monday, January 01, 1990

Information: Comments from Jeffery

Hi, the reason I put the date on 1990 is because this is not exactly a post, it was created merely serve as storing datas.
So, when ever you see there is an post date on 1990, please remember that it is an Information post.

The following text is two comments I retrieve from Anti Lampe Berger - Middle Class Mentality - 10:32 AM & 3:44 AM

Warmest greetings guys!

Well, my name is Jeffrey and I am an independent distributor of DCHL.

I am 17 years old and still in school studying for SPM.

My upline is my brother who is a marquis. Surprised that I'm 17 yet doing this business?

This business has really changed my life. I am an extraordinary 17 year old teen. I was previously introvert and a passive person.

After being influenced by this business, I am a changed person and I am deeply satisfied with the changes inside.

I am now a leader in school, church, community and in SYN.

I have read this blog over here.

You guys really have a lot of energy. I really admire that.

But this energy could be put into better use.

I always believe that in a system, if there are successful people, the problem is not with the system, but the YOU yourself.

I invested RM30k. My family is just middle class. I borrowed from my parents. I have a BIG DREAM.

I want to do BIG business. But sadly, I'm not born with a golden spoon in my mouth. That's when network marketing/MLM comes in. With a small fee, I could be learning more about life and business. I can build up a place to earn my residual income.

Guys, I'm not trying to preach that you guys stop condemning LB. Go ahead, condemn all you want.

There are many talented and energetic individuals in this forum.

Condemning like this won't change your life. Stop being such cynical and negative people. Then, you will taste success.

These are words from a 17 year old.

You might call me naive, but I have the audacity and courage to pursue this business and face the difficulties in this business.

I face a lot of rejection from much more elderly people when I talk to them about LB.I was even condemning that LB was a cheat because I realized how hard it is to earn the big bucks in this business.

This is the time when I transformed into a man. I didn't want to be one of the many losers in our society. All of us had BIG dreams. But only a handful of us can achieve them. Because many of us couldn't stand the amount of pressure society and e.g. this forum impose to MLMers.

Gentlemen, good things don’t come easy and MLM certainly isn't easy. Try to be in my shoes or other distributors in any MLM. Then, you'll know.

I truly wish all of you success in whatever you do. And for the network marketing industry, trust me; it won't topple down no matter what you gentlemen say.

This is my email in case you have any questions or nasty comments to post. I am open-minded enough to weigh the situation from your shoes too.

Till then, I wish all of you success in whatever you do.

Wealthy regards,


Yeah, here I am again.

Anonymous, probably you are right. I should stop posting as everyone here is looking at me and laughing their heads of to see me in this so called "scam".

I can tell you one thing for sure, that when every pioneer sets out to do something, he will always face all these challenges.

And guys, don't worry.

I invested in count about 8months ago. I am now a marquis. One of the youngest marquis in Malaysia.

As for my brother, he is going to challenge for Duke within this year with the Lord's grace.

As I said before, All our dreams will come true if we have the courage to pursue it.

And unfortunately, people like Asroof just join in the business and started full of energy and a big dream. But faced a few rejections, and then they died off. And now, posting in forums condemning about his loss, becoming a more sad person. Asroof, friend, no offence but what can negative cynicism accomplish?

So yeah, call me dumb, naive, unique, lucky, bold, or whatever. You can all say all you want. After all, I admit that this business have also brought Joy and Sorrow at the same time to people.

Those who gets the sorrow are the people who join, faced a few rejections, can't cope with them, and then die off. And the lips of these sad people aren't zipped. They just go to the public negatively criticizing this whole industry, feeling that they're doing something noble. Oh please, if you're a loser, that doesn't mean everyone else is a loser.

I must admit that the threads posted are very powerful to break the hearts of the new distributors.

But those of us who are like me, have the heart and courage to really pursue our dreams and don't give up easily, we will succeed.

Watch for my name in these few years. I will arise in DCHL as the youngest Duke. Why? Because I am a positive person and won't waste my time trying to bring down a legitimate business. I use my time to do something that can bring me results and benefits.

That is why being one of the youngest Marquis, I can lead my team consists of adults, elderly people, and people who had told me, "Jeffrey, go back to 4sc1 and read your biology book. Stop thinking about business, it is not the right time"

That is why this 17 year old is different.

I am now a dynamic leader today for SYN, school, church and the society. I am not saying that you guys are not leaders. I am sure that there are a lot of you guys in the forum who are leaders in a way by being in the ambulance when all of us are having CNY celebrations, and giving treatments to those in need.

But however, posting in a forum like this with full of cynicism and negativity does really tell me a lot about the character and the upbringing of each and everyone of you.

Ultimately, I am in this business for the long term and it will provide me the residual income I want for me and my family. If anyone of you who are already in this business, but participating in this forum because you can't face the difficult part of this industry, then look for me. I can be of help.

Farewell mates and good luck in bringing down DCHL. You're going to really need it.=)

Cheers mates,
Wealthy regards,
Marquis Jeffrey.


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