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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Brainstorming: Quote from News

Today, when I was reading news, I found some issues very similar with what Lampe Berger having rite now. So, let’s look at the following news.


Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo
Detainee abuse, torture and killings implicate 600 US personnel

"There were not just a few bad apples but it was in fact a systematic pattern of abuse," human right groups reported.

Human rights groups said Wednesday that allegations of detainee abuse, torture and killings have now implicated at least 600 U.S. military and civilian personnel deployed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prison for terrorist suspects.

Those findings counter the Pentagon's assertion that Abu Ghraib was an aberration, according to a report compiled by the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, Human Rights Watch and Human Rights First.

"The abuses were widespread," said Joanne Mariner, Director of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, Human Rights Watch, "There were not just a few bad apples but it was in fact a systematic pattern of abuse. So we documented 350 cases of credible allegations involving more than 460 US personnel and more than 600 detainees."

In response to similar criticism over the past two years, Pentagon officials have defended the Defence Department's response to the Abu Ghraib abuse, calling it one of the most closely scrutinised matters in the history of the military.

Only a fraction - 40 people - have been sentenced to prison time for the abuse, according to the report by the human rights groups.

The groups said they researched and analysed tens of thousands of pages of government documents, interviews with witnesses and victims and previous Pentagon probes into the abuse.

Basic doctrine of military law is that commanders are responsible for the act of their subordinates," says Mariner, "So we should be seeing some kind of high level accountability or even mid-level accountability, but that is just not happening."


Lampe Berger, of course we can not accusing all of them being the unethical ones. I personally do believe that within that company still held a bunch of distributors that are doing the business honestly. But after reading through tons of negative feedback from the community, I began to concerns about the dominating group in Lampe Berger’s business.

Ethical Distributors Vs. Unethical Distributors

Which side is the majority? I don’t have exact figures, so I won’t be pin pointing anything. I just want to share a thought where I got from the quote:

"There were not just a few bad apples but it was in fact a systematic pattern of abuse,"

What if there are systematic pattern of abuses in the Lampe Berger’s so call legitimate business? So, please spend more time investigating the legitimacy of the MLM business before joining them.

Anyway, I’m not giving any personal opinion on the post-warfare happening between America and Iraq. So, just read as you like and don’t comment anything regarding the politics.

One Man’s Perceptions

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    Detainee abuse, torture and killings implicate 600 US personnel


  • At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Dexter said…

    May I add some comments on

    Ethical Vs Unethical Distributors.

    Which group has more in the LB MLM business ?

    There is a great possibility there may be more ethical ones, but based on the fact that in the LB business, because of such product and pricing, which is difficult to sell and the design of the marketing plan that encourages unethical practices, the ethical distributors will be majority dropouts or they called "failures". I will predict among those so-called successful ones, nearly all are unethical, otherwise, it is tough for them to recruit or sell.
    I used the term "so-called" because I don't consider anyone successful there. I feel that those who made money actually lost more friends, trust, image and reputation than those who failed or earned less.
    My point, I wish to highlight is even if the unethical distributors is the minority(as some will say cannot blame all because of a few), this minority is bad enough to represent the Company or vice-versa as in any MLM or pyramid scheme, the more successful ones are the most influencial ones.

  • At 3:04 PM, Anonymous rod said…

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