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Friday, April 07, 2006

A Conversation

Here is another dose of my experience.

This few days while I’m reading comments on a few blogs, I came across something similar with my past experiences dealing with MLM people. After a long meeting where the atmosphere was lifted to the level where people just being in the state of overwhelming happiness. People start to shout/clap hands, people smiling in tears as if they have just saw Jesus/Muhammad/Buddha… but in reality nothing was ever there. Maybe people who compile dictionary might need to redefine the meaning of "mad". Were they mad? I think they are merely being Happy for no good reason.

Here's something I would hope readers can think through carefully. It is a brief conversation similar I experienced.

Prior to meeting… a “not so close” friend calls me…

LB (Friend): "I would like you to join me with a convention, would you be free?"
Me (Idiot): "Okay, What is it about? Do you mind telling me what the topic of the convention is?"
LB (Friend): "Just come la, it would be very useful for you…"
Me (Idiot): "Okay, but if it's MLM I'm totally not interested"
LB (Friend): "No, it is someone giving a talk about OUR DREAMS"

(Above tactics are often use to lure people to attend, this is information control = Deception! Later I was told that if the lies are meant for good intention, ultimately she will lie anyway.)

Okay, here she uses a short story where a low class person who had no dreams at all (Against MLM), until one day one of her upline given him the opportunity by lying to that person, few years later the poor guy wear suits and talk confidently. So, according to her the moral of the story is by lying to get other people into success position is a noble act. First of all, not everyone is good in sales, and furthermore there are many factors contribute to one's success. So, sorry if it is a lie, it will remain a lie to me regardless what the intention is, the fact that I really can accept is that, even if someone was brought into the business with a noble intention, can he be guaranteed for achieving success? …

Finally on that day, things started with a very high… after along meeting where very few things makes sense… the story gets even better with the following conversation…

LB (Friend): "How do you think about This Business? Isn't it great?"
Here comes another guy in a suit approaching us…
LB (Someone else): "You must be grateful to have her as a friend, she really cares about you! So, how do you think about the Business?"

Up until that moment, no lamps were introduced, not even a singe feature was mentioned…
Me (Idiot): "Emmm… I can't seem to be able to describe the strange feeling I have been having… I think it must be the fact that I don't like the hype."
LB (Someone): "Are you the one that just came back from your studies at UK? From the looks you must be a smart person. You are certainly someone our organization craves for."
(In fact that day I didn't even dress properly, what I wore was T-shirt + shorts + Nike Slippers – Smart looking? Hmmm… I have a great doubt on the sincerity of that word. Call me abnormal or what ever you may think of; if things would go another way where he criticized about my appearance I would be happier, maybe I might give him a big hug – who knows?!!)
LB (Friend): ….

(She didn't talk… but from her looks, she don't seems to agree with him on the comment regarding my appearance)
LB (Someone): "You are very lucky to have this opportunity that she brought you here to enlighten your thoughts."
(Hmmm… sounds like similar thing on what he talks about just now, maybe they repeating for the sake of me – perhaps assuming that I have hearing problem? or just want to exploit the friendship I had with her?)
LB (Someone): "You looked like still not convinced! You see, your friend, as a girl have the guts to take up such a great opportunity, and since she so desperately share it with you because she cares about you, she won't being apart of things that doesn't work, wouldn't she? So, later you must thank her personally."
… Without giving me a time to talk, he continues…
LB (Someone): "Just now you said you dislike the atmosphere, but this is the nature of this business, where everyone being happy and helping each others, without such atmosphere, this business can't really
operate smoothly."

(ha-ha~ here he unknowingly admit to me that LB operated in MLM requires Motivating Class to operate – but according to my research, motivational class are not compulsory in any given MLM due to the fact they claim themselves being Legal MLM. So what is the true agenda from these kingpins? Scamming poor + old grannies money?)
Me (Idiot): "I thought that is pyramid thing! Luckily you are not"

LB (Someone): "No, we are not in the corrupted team! But I do have to apologize for my 'partners', because they have been using the companies names for their own pyramid agenda. Shame on them!"

(hmmm… Why they always claim that there is a small group of people in the business exploiting the pyramid thingy? But they always not in that team, they always claim they are in the winning team)
LB (Someone): "So, still got doubt? No worries I'm here to clear them up"

Me (Idiot): "hmmm… I am not comfortable the fact that this business need to draws a bunch of circles and showing opportunity rather than showing product! My father once told me that any business that can't be described clearly in few sentences is a scam. Furthermore, when I was in university, one of the lectures who study math told me that it is impossible to sustain such structure, because it is similar to nuclear chain reaction but in MLM, the problem remains on market saturation!"

LB (Someone): "Your lecturer don't know anything, they don't even in the system!"

(Maybe I have been poking with a lot of sensitive question, but he mentioned SYSTEM instead of BUSINESS… hmmm… SYSTEM = Pyramid)
LB (Someone): "eh… you follow up your friend la… he seems to have quite a lot of doubt… you deal with him first, I have to follow up someone else…"
(Hmmm… why suddenly run away, when all the fun has just started?)
… later on that day, my friend ask me to drove her all the way to some stall, where I was like a driver to her… hmmm… isn't LB people all have to buy a fancy car? Or maybe the RM 30K was use to buy herself a count instead a car~ or maybe Kancil is not a good materialistic stuff that will blind people's judgment at first sight?

Do you all found some common amongst these LB people? When they want to sell stuff to you, they always have time regardless on how long it takes. But when you told them you just want to meet up with them, or call for a ex-classmates gathering, they always say they have no time or they not interested. And yet we were expecting to accept that, whereas on the other hand when we turn their offer down, just don't dare to imagine/recall.

Anyway, here's this episode of my point of view. (Hopefully I can get another invitation to get into the office and given the opportunity to ask some serious questions. Project – infiltrate DCHL!)

This is One Man's Perceptions! Yeah!

P.S.: Why I call myself idiot? Well, that is because what MLM distributor like to refer me as, ~ "AN IDIOT".


  • At 9:42 PM, Blogger Steven Yip said…

    nice seems like the way they talk is so convincing, selling you a dream.

    LB members have to wake up.

    We are not in la la land.

  • At 4:49 PM, Blogger Cho said…

    Sounds familiar.

    'Where are you taking me?'
    'Somewhere nice, you will know when you get there. Nice thing!.'
    ... ... ... Many more.

    Good post Calvin, now we know what approach they use... I hope someone will come and con me & I can have a look myself.

    I'm quite dumb in this kind of thing (like a huge giant stone that never move no matter how people push)... No one ever get me join any MLM/pyramid... they tried since I was in lower form, I don't know what trick they use, but they just can't make me interested. I sign organ donation without doubt for 1 second but MLM's flowery word just can't get into my mind.

    But again... I better not to be so sure as my friend's dad said the exact same thing before he went, 'I pretend I'm interested so that I can find out what they're up to, I won't get con.' But end up he invest 30k...

    God bless...

  • At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Cho said...

    "But again... I better not to be so sure as my friend's dad said the exact same thing before he went, 'I pretend I'm interested so that I can find out what they're up to, I won't get con.' But end up he invest 30k..."



  • At 6:11 PM, Blogger Cho said…

    Anonymous said...
    Cho said...
    "But again... I better not to be so sure as my friend's dad said the exact same thing before he went, 'I pretend I'm interested so that I can find out what they're up to, I won't get con.' But end up he invest 30k..."

    I do hope you didin't really meant to laugh coz I felt really bad for him. He must have got push too far & gave up... Which parent doesn't love their children? & LBlers make use of the kid's naiveness & parent's love to get what they want...

    talking about business ethic...

  • At 8:38 PM, Blogger One Man's Perception said…

    Hey Steven,

    LaLa land... Although I'm not sure what is that, but it reminds me of something else...

    "KIKI LALA" or some sort... I'm not sure, but I think it is a childs clothing~

    TV comercial~ singing all the KIKI LALA theme song~ hmmm.. somehow I think that is as entertaining as the Seminars going on in MLM.

  • At 8:48 PM, Blogger One Man's Perception said…


    I also find their presentation are not so convincing. I’m born with rebellion gene, the more sweet talk, the more repelling from me~

    I enjoy having my brain working!
    Try to raise a doubt, and the try to find evidence to support it.
    Personally, I think the major problem in Malaysian Education system is that pupil are thought to obey and accept whatever was given to them. Anyone who ask to much, always being treated as some naughty student. So, with decades going though such education system, Malaysian’s perception can be easily clouded.

    So, starts do some workout with your brain. Think and prove it with some action!

    And guys, internet is not only for downloading stuff/gossiping/chatting… Try to learn the skill of google searching. You might find it useful when you have the searching skills during your career. That is unless you are in a REAL business/JOB~

    One Man’s Perceptions!

  • At 8:51 PM, Blogger One Man's Perception said…

    I wonder who is the person who

    No comment towards your action...

    But I do really hope you can give some supportive information after you "Bwuahahaha...!!!"

    Thank you~
    One Man's Perceptions

  • At 11:06 PM, Anonymous b3rnard7 said…

    Well Calvin! u r not the only person who been "the driver" for the LB ppl.I also been invited from 1 of my old fren (gal) to HLA building as well.

    She ask me tat am i free on tat nite,summore ask me tat do u have car? and saying 1 2 bring me to sumwhere in KLCC to "jalan-jalan".I just answer "YES" bcos I was free and nothing to do tat time....but suddenly I think tat why she ask me to drive her out instead of her BF? So,just go out wif her and find it out is DCHL/SYN/LB liao!

    Sumtimes,is good to find it our rather than u dun know wat is all about.There is a chinese saying "Bu ru hu che,yan de hu zi" (U dun go into the cave,how u get the tiger cubs)?

  • At 11:16 PM, Blogger One Man's Perception said…

    I guess, they are employing "SEX sales” tactics, similar to some shop prefer to hire girls as sales… In someway, guys are bound by their ego, and the results are?
    Irresistible to girl’s request~ sometimes even though we don’t like, we still somehow/someway do as what girls request.
    We don’t want to be Labeled as JERK, don’t we?
    One Man’s Perceptions

  • At 7:23 PM, Blogger Cho said…

    Malaysian Ed. system is now more exam oriented than ever, thinking skill? comes only after how mnay As you can get. Student whom question a lot? ' Hey, I can't finish my syllabus kids... your exam's coming.

    (Sorry, unrelevant to topic)

  • At 10:53 PM, Blogger One Man's Perception said…

    Nevermind, I don't mind off topic, but because you stay consistent in your comment.

    (Not like some poor souled, that claim to one thing first YET claiming the other way later)

  • At 1:41 AM, Anonymous Andrew said…

    well bernard, at least u drove ur own car there, and u can just walk off anytime u like, leaving ur so-called "friend" there, let her upline send her back using his BMW.

    I pity those who got conned to go there but have no means to walk off.

  • At 8:11 PM, Blogger Cho said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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