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Friday, April 28, 2006

Defining Google & Relevancy to MLM Companies

So, you all might wonder why I put this news report titled "Defining Google" on this post, first of all, I would like to address the issue of duplicity that MLM people always emphasized with their approach for recruiting new members. In the success of Google, it is the endless attempts of bringing creativity on the table that makes them stood out from the crowd of competitors. In contrast being a copycat won’t make you as successful as Google, at majority of MLM people will find themselves being the sources fuelling someone’s dream life. At the end these people who were at the base of the structure ended the business with shame and guilty, for bringing their loves one into such business, and worst, facing denial dramas when their whole journey in the business was teaching them to blame themselves for failure. (Above is supported with the report titled “Myth of MLM Income”)

Few years back before I start observing MLM companies, I came across a quote in an anime.

The ultimate end of evolution is self-destruction.”

Somewhere along the movie clip, they did mention about their concerns on the uncommon rapid growth of Google. In order for Google to become a long lasting cooperate, the will have to cope with the speed of growth, and managing it carefully.

Similar to MLM companies, the growth of the network is always under the spot light. When they grow too fast, faster than they can handle, things will start to become wild. Deceptions, cults, and unethical practices will emerge within the network itself, eating the reputation of the company at its core. With such signs indicating failures within the core of Management, from these sorrows (1, 2, 3, 4, etc)we receive a clear message that action must be taken to prevent further harm to our people. Yet, no much action was taken remedying these unpleasant incidents, yet, the worse scenarios happen when authorities turn a blind eye on some incident.

So, some people like Dexter sought for the root of these problems, which is the company. Within a degree of extend, I do agree that the company should be accountable for the exploitation within the network. As one said:

"Deliberately breaking rules is fine; ignoring them is not -- ignorance is bad."

If the company enforce their regulation strictly when some bad apples deliberately breaking the rules, would there be so much heart breaking events?

Anyway, I’m not putting all the weight on the company itself, but they sure play a major role in the incident.

One Mans’ Perceptions



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P.S.: The length of the movie is 21 min 50 sec, it is not recommended for dial-up users, and for those are facing problem in watching the clip due to frequent delays while playing the clip, are sugested to download it.


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