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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fact 2: Product Awards

I was going through some web browsing and I noticed some abnormal issues. If you are guessing all the “fucking” or “sucking” phenomenon happen to DareDevil’s blog. My findings are totally no relation with the ill mannered coming from some aggressive distributor. It was found under

Under DCHL Hong Kong

有关产品LAMPE BERGER产品证书获奖纪录

In translations,

(Related product→Lampe Berger→Product Certificate→Awards)


  1. 1901

(1901 – Awarded by Government of French as an Innovative Product Award)

(Awarded six times for Paris’s Merchandise Award)

  1. Lyon

(Lyon Merchandise Award)

  1. Ernoble

(Ernoble Merchandise Award)

  1. Decoratifs

(Decoratifs Artistic Award)

  1. Diplome Dho-Nero

(Diplome Dho-Nero Sales Award)

  1. 1906

(1906 – Italy’s Rome Merchandise Award)

  1. 2000 Top 100

(2000 – American Atlanta Top 100 Decorative Award)

(Taiwan’s Product Quality Assurance Award)

All these awards were not even shown in Lampe Berger Site. So, I wonder why they don’t use these awards as advantages to increase publicity. The reason for not having it on the main page was it because the only innovative award they received was on 1901? Or maybe they didn’t emphasis on the Healing properties, form the webpage, these lamps were treated more as an Decorative Product. Hmmm… from the majority of the awards, it seems to me that it look more towards Artistic Decorative Product/Luxury Item than awarded for it’s functionality.

Taiwan’s Product Quality Assurance Award” – Judging Criteria were not provided/explained, these lamps were judge by their looks? The functionalities? Or etc… If you did enter DCHL Malaysia, you will realize that that certification does not provide any judging criteria, just plain paper with words in French. (Except the insurance document which were written in English, but that still doesn’t really provide any in-depth details)

What is Lampe Berger’s Market?

  1. An aromatherapy product?
  2. A luxury product?

From my point of view after reading through the Lampe Berger Site, I recognize it as a Luxury Item. One may ask what does Luxury Item means, and it is define as any item that is not essential to sustain our life can be consider as luxury items. Therefore such item’s price is not control by the government, and they can sell it with whatever price they want, but only when there is no deception involved. Did they use deceptive product? Guess it yourself!

Luxury items are always meant to be expensive because their market is small due to the facts that human survival does not rely on it. So, can you imagine everyone willing to purchase such expensive lamps when they claim their main goal is selling lamps? A lot of people still get paid for below a thousand ringgit, do you think people really buy lamps rather than pursuing the endless chain of recruiting? Even if one really bought these lamps, does he really need a lot of them, or does he really use them frequently? I wonder!

This is One Man’s Perceptions


  • At 2:07 PM, Blogger Steven Yip said…

    It is in the upper class market.

    That's the problem. These LB members can't see that. Even though it's so darn expensive.

    They only associate $$$ flowing like water once they joined.

  • At 7:54 PM, Blogger Cho said…

    It was meant to be rich ppl's thing & game. & it evolve in such unhealthy way that it became scam.

    Read more post on your blog Steven, & some sound so terrible. Felt a little miserable... who are we trying to help now? Are they even worth the attention? *sigh*... Sorry probably just too pesimist today, keep up the good work. I'm sure those are very minority of them. They're perhaps a lot more ppl that are confuse & need this exact info to avoid them falling into the trap.

  • At 8:05 PM, Blogger One Man's Perception said…

    Steven & Cho,
    Somehow, I couldn't agree more!
    Nice observation!
    One Man's Perceptions

  • At 8:06 PM, Blogger One Man's Perception said…

    Couldn't agree more = 100% Agree!

    One Man's Perception

  • At 12:06 PM, Anonymous From the point of view of products said…

    These LB people are approaching Australia now. I agree with what you've said about the product's value. I think for any investment or business, the product is the very important thing you need to look at. Is the product worth investing? How big is the market? How many people are going to use it? How many people are already using it? Are there any space for future growth? Are there any similar substitutions in the market? Well, I think the market probably isn't going to grow very big in the future, because there are many substitutions in the market. And the product has been there for over 100yrs, why hasn't it become the leading product if it is really good? Those LB ppl told me "well, we are selling lifestyle products, and lifestyle will become more and more impoartant in the future..." I admit that lifesytle is indeed the thing that many ppl are chasing for, but is LB really a lifestyle product? maybe in some extent if talkingn about design and decoration, but at their presentation they say the thing you put inside the bottle is essential oil which get rid of the bad odour andn/or have other effects,so it's more of a functional thing rather than a lifestyle. To some people the use of essential oil may be a lifestyle, but there are so many substitution or similar brand out there in the stores and some of them are just great and also have long history in the industry. So give me a reason why should I buy LB?

  • At 3:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    When one wants to join MLM business one need 2 understand a few things

    1.wat type of products/service are there we those products? can those products sustain my business? my product in demand? the business can last long enough for me to pay my expensive car/house loans?

    in LB/DCHL case
    i think the reason why they put up rm30k to become a marquee is because they themselves understand and knows dat their products are unsellable..or have less or no independant distributor exspecially the greedy ones use this to their a business owner of any sure u will use the very product that u sell/promote time and time again..
    i myself are into network marketing a.k.a kinda sad cause business like LB / DCHL are ruining the reputation of other MLMers like trying to do a good business..but lately many ppl associate me with LB..although im not 1 of them..sadly there's nothing wrong with their marketing is just that the unethical behaviour of some of those distributor..most of the cases that we see in blogs such as this are cases of those from LB/DCHl who are so greedy and used the unethical ways to progress..
    any MLM have their me..but to say they reached their millions in a very short time would be a lie..the shortest that ive known took him more than 4 years...and from what i see in LB..less den 1 year they alrdy manage to earn around rm5k and above a month..and as i research more...then i found out its is a head hunting scheme..we all know head hunting schemes..example..swisscash from long time cycle about 3 i would bet LB/DCHL could only last around 2 more years the most..pity to those who have bought luxury car cause ur loan is around 9 years...hope ure ready with for the worse..cause im sure ure luxury car loans are at around rm1k ++ per month..once ure unable to sustain your business...what are you going to do?


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