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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hidden Information: A comment from Jeffery

Recently, I came across a comment by Jeffery. One of the 17 years old whom claim himself joined Lampe Berger.

From I noticed a lot of useful information. And yes, these information might not be so direct, so let me lead you (reader) through the journey of the BIG PICTURE.

The following text is two comments I retrieve from Anti Lampe Berger - Middle Class Mentality - 10:32 AM & 3:44 AM


“I face a lot of rejection from much more elderly people when I talk to them about LB. I was even condemning that LB was a cheat because I realized how hard it is to earn the big bucks in this business.

From here we know that the business is not easy, and it requires a lot of hard work to accomplish a reasonable income.

(Let’s just assume the MLM system has no flaws)

So, what most of the Lampe Berger Distributor left out was, RISKS, and it was delivered by Mr Jeffery in the quoted text.

MLM distributors often intentionally left out the time & money needed for this business. Tactics approach such as saying starting it is just as simple as 1, 2, 3 to becoming a billionaire.

When a person joined into these so call “business”, the motivating classes tell teaches you that failure are due to personal reasons, not because of the flaws in these MLM businesses. Two contradicting facts under one same company, I wonder why!

After I read through “Merchant of Deceptions”, the author whom was once a high level distributor in Quixtar exposes the parallel business in Motivational Materials (such as, Seminars, Cds, tapes, trips… - which are non-refundable). The author mentioned that these Motivating Classes edify a distributor to blame them for failure, in order to keep those drop out to shut up. If this is not brainwashing I don’t know what is.


“As I said before, All our dreams will come true if we have the courage to pursue it.

And unfortunately, people like Asroof just join in the business and started full of energy and a big dream. But faced a few rejections, and then they died off. And now, posting in forums condemning about his loss, becoming a more sad person. Asroof, friend, no offence but what can negative cynicism accomplish?

Personally, I think it is very sad if you are in a business and you need someone else to tell you that everything is okay. In a business one have to plan for the worst. And I do have to remind you all that planning for the worst scenario is not cynicism/negative. One the other hand, MLM distributors joining all the motivating classes seem to be clouding these MLM distributors’s judging ability. Try to look at these comments from LB distributors… “fucking” or “sucking” phenomenon


“After all, I admit that this business have also brought Joy and Sorrow at the same time to people.

Those who gets the sorrow are the people who join, faced a few rejections, can't cope with them, and then die off. And the lips of these sad people aren't zipped. They just go to the public negatively criticizing this whole industry, feeling that they're doing something noble. Oh please, if you're a loser, that doesn't mean everyone else is a loser.”

So, here is a good example on what I said just now, typical information control! Making those drop out feel even guiltier. Well, so much for those that claim MLM business can improve life.

Anyway, that’s all I would like to add. There are tons of other comments from the original post, do stop by to read them. Middle Class Mentality

One Man’s Perceptions


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