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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rich Dad, Poor Dad?!

A reply to our dear reader,

“At 11:19 AM, Anonymous said…

out of curiosity, are we say that all MLM's are bad. If that is true, why would Robert T Kiyosaki actually recommends network marketing in his book ?”

I don’t think you should 100% absorb what your read, please think through rather than just plainly accept what was fed to you.

Robert T Kiyosaki, indeed earn a great fortune, but from where he earn? So, here is some criticism I obtained from wikipedia. (If you are really lazy to read through the whole thing , please read the part that was underlined)

Why someone whom his success is not from building MLM business, why he allow/can give promote MLM business when he is NOT in the business? Vice versa, why when critics always being accuse for do not understand the business?

Isn't it strange when someone not in MLM promoting the business, they get supportive feedback, but when someone posts some critics, MLM distributors try every means to discredit you. I guess I should say, people tends to listen to what they want to listen, regardless how strong the fact is.

My personal opinion is MLM Company needs his book to be as a tool to kept their members’ mind diluted. Both MLM and Kyosaki are like co-existing creature, where each body needs the other to sustain their life. Kyosaki needs the dependency from the MLM companies to buy his books, whereas MLM companies needs to take credits from his book.

Yes, I know... I know, you all must be blaming me for posting only critics. Anyway, it seems to be a very likely case because every MLM distributor has to read his books! If you read through the book, you will find a lot of common phrase when you speaking with MLM distributor.


Kiyosaki's books have been criticized for having lots of anecdotal lessons but almost no concrete advice. Many readers find his work highly motivational, but then lacking information to put it to use. It is also difficult to discern fact from fiction and anecdote in many of his works.

Some advice he gives is thought to be poor or even dangerous by other investors. For example, he advocates focusing on a few "good investments" rather than diversifying as well as "going for broke". He also downplays the importance of (traditional/tertiary) education, and claims that there is no correlation between increased education and increased income. This assertion is contradicted by various academic studies. Nonetheless, he absolutely stresses the need for financial education.

Some have questioned Kiyosaki's status as a successful investor and businessman prior to the formation of his present venture, CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc. They claim that his wealth has come only as a result of selling books and audio presentations about topics he has not personally succeeded in and that he is probably worth far less than the $50 to $100 million USD he claimed in an interview. They note he has claimed to be bankrupt as recently as 1985, a high school dropout and a deserter from the Navy. Some of these items do not agree with records and may have been stated for "dramatic effect". In several of his books he makes claims about his accomplishments which appear to be exaggerations, fabrications or misdirection.

People have speculated on the identity of his "rich dad" and whether this individual even existed, reasoning that such a man, whom Kiyosaki describes as "one of the richest men in the Islands", and his family who carry on his tradition, would have been very well known in as small a state as Hawaii. In the February 2003 issue of SmartMoney magazine, Kiyosaki backed off his claim that his "rich dad" was a real person, instead stating “Is Harry Potter real? Why don’t you let Rich Dad be a myth, like Harry Potter?”

Though he did not make his money in the industry, Kiyosaki is also an endorser of network marketing (i.e. Mary Kay, Quixtar, Tupperware, etc.) which some consider to be illegal pyramid schemes. He reasons in his book, The Business School For People Who Like Helping People, that the companies teach the skills necessary to be a successful business owner, like leadership, the ability to sell and teach, and emotional intelligence. Critics say he is brown nosing the industry to sell more materials.

This is One Man's Perceptions


  • At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    TVB clip that tell us about truth of lampe berger cheating and falso claim

    It is in Cantonese. Hope with all this info, all those who still choose to close their minds related to all this negative information of lampe berger will open their minds now and get out of this trap before too late.

  • At 5:58 PM, Blogger yapthomas said…

    More like, using MLM..

    Ad-hoc ma.. :)

  • At 2:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    kick ur axxx

  • At 3:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Of course we cannot absorb what he say..but there are things that we can learn..things like he insist on investing ur time and money into a "TRUE" network marketing dat really do teach us about business...
    fake or not..we can take some of his words..though not all...and we can see in reality...those who are financially free and have time freedom are those who owns a business...

    i hope your good criticsm doesnt apply to all network marketing company..thanks..


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