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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Head Hunting!

Time for some good old fashion humor,
An old saying: “A picture describe a thousand words”
Yes, today I went to a Chinese forum dedicated for all sorts of matters.

So, without further delays, here’s your lovely picture.

(did the picture reminds you of "head hunting strategy"?)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Translation: Bad Experience


I was asked to translate the following experience. So, please refer to the original page for the comments and other post.

Lampe Berger HelpDCHL/Lampe Berger BAD EXPERIENCE

The translation has removed some personal feelings and some advises due to irrelevancy.


Hi LB Help,
LB Help,

Thanks for sharing your story. My case was worse than yours. Like loan-shark only. Anyway you should ask your upline to pay you back RM3k from his own pocket because he cheated you. If he tries to put the blame on you by saying you didn't work or whatever just say you don't care because he took your stock and cheated you. You should ask him, ask his family, continue to bug him... where does he live? I hate these kinda people man.
My story is like this,
My upline took me to the LB office to listen to their marketting plan, at that time I was the very first upline he approached and he sounded very nice... caring... willing to help me do the business... he agreed to lend me the capital of RM2xxx to start the business because I told him I had not enough money to start and he told me that I can pay him back only when I got the money from the business because he had faith in me.
So oklor I was thinking what the heck man I pay a little but get the stock from him which is worth even more... so okla I went to listen to the thing and he told me ok pay him RM150 first he will lend me the rest so I did lor... I paid him RM150.
After few days he came back and told me some reason he couldn't sign me up la asked for RM600 instead... so oklor I gave him RM600 and then continue going for the meetings and NDO and all that crap. Finally he said his upline told him that uplines cannot lend money to downlines because it's not allowed in their business so he asked me to fork out RM2xxx lor.. and I was stuck because all my money was already with him and he told me that he already used the money to register me as a buying member. Later I found out it was fake because the money was with him all the while. So I was stuck la.
I decided to use credit card to pay. I had cash but I needed the cash for something else. Even then he asked me to use my cash and assured me I could earn back my cash in time. Now I think about it, good thing I didn't trust him otherwise I would not have any money left.
So okla I swiped card but he cheated me as well. As you know Counts are allowed to sell their stock to their downlines but then they can only accept cash right? He didn't tell me this fact either. No wonder he kept telling me if can pay cash better la because paying by credit card would be very inconvenient for him. And that also means I must take whatever stock he has so I can't choose my oil or lamp. So I still swiped card at the counter but then I didn't swipe it for my own product. He made me swipe for RM2xxx worth of products which other uplines wanted to buy from LB. I swiped and his uplines gave him the cash of RM2xxx for the products which I have just swiped for. The downside to this is, I do not have any receipt from LB for my purchases so then I cannot return for my refund right? My receipt from LB were for the products for his uplines which I had swiped my card for. So I was stuck la how to refund?
So after that I felt very cheated coz of all these facts he was hiding from me while he was asking me to go gather the cash. I feel very angry.
What can I do about this? I can give you my DHCL number but I need to search for it coz I deleted and burned all my LB related stuff already. If you want to know my upline I can provide you information about him.

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