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Friday, June 09, 2006

Letters from behind enemy lines

It's been 1 month since I've been behind the lines in the land of SYN.

In 1 month, I have seen how greedy man can be, and the sins that they can do to their fellow man. Friends, some say, are your worst enemy, because they will use the friendship to bait you.

If you value the friendship, and your SYNner friend asks you to join, do not desecrate the friendship by joining. Just say no and walk away. Cherish the memories of that friendship, because if you are to join, your friendship will degenerate into nothing more than a business transaction, where you are the loser from the get go.

Be there for them when they come out of SYN. For sure, they will feel ashamed and embarassed to meet up with their old friends/prospects. But to spurn them is a greater sin. Just like how prisoners who have turned over a new leaf are rehabilitated into normal society, so do ex-SYNners who have renounced SYN. They have been prisoners of greed and lies.

Then why did I go behind the lines?


That's my job.